Plastic & Corrugated Box Packers

The DCC Auto-Pack Caser receives cartons or bottles and forms them into the required pattern. The pattern is then picked and lowered into a case or corrugated box and automatically discharged. The Caser can be built to handle both single and dual loads as required by line speeds. The DCC Auto-Pack Caser can be built for hydraulic or air operation and is PLC controlled for reliable, trouble-free performance. The Auto-Pack Caser can be enhanced with a quick change head option for ease of change-over between bottle or carton sizes and patterns.

     The DCC Auto-Pack Caser features stainless steel construction, intuitive HMI touch screen and controls, PLC Ethernet capabilities, and VFD motor starting controls. The Caser can be used to pack plastic gallons, paper/plastic quarts, paper/plastic half gallons, small cross-section paper cartons, and even shrink-wrapped bundles. Our Auto-Pack Caser can safely pack your product using our Sure-Grip head design into corrugated boxes or plastic crates, and easily switches between case types and sizes.

     At DCC we are experts at handling standard dairy cases.  Since 1954, the mainstay of our business has been designing, building, and installing case handling systems.  Empty case distribution systems are normally elevated sections of sealed stainless steel pan conveyor in which the cases are conveyed by plastic coated cable, or a variety of chains.  Complementary equipment completes the system to deliver cases in the appropriate quantities to the various points of use in your plant.

     Full Cases, singly and in stacks, are handled on “knee-high”, “on-floor” or “in-floor” conveyor systems that deliver cases of product from the fillers to the milk cooler and then to the order load-out doors.  A variety of rugged standard and custom-made conveyor components of unmatched reliability are in our arsenal to assemble the optimum system that will resolve your most challenging conveyance problems.

     DCC’s knee-high style conveyor has an open construction in order to minimize dirt catching surfaces and wash down time, while our in-floor and on-floor case conveyor is made of 3/16” formed sheet metal, the heaviest pan in the industry. All of our case conveyor has optional stainless steel construction and comes equipped with durable UHMW polyethylene replaceable plastic liners.  We run all of our case handling conveyor with exceptionally rugged drive units fully equipped with heavy duty tubular steel frames, easy to remove shaft assemblies, removable track pan for liner replacement, pillow block bearings, and even heavy duty Cyclo-Drive gear reducers on drive units 3 H.P. and above.

     DCC also has a variety of add-ons to complement your case or case stack conveyor in order to better meet your unique conveying needs.  These add-ons include:

  • Case or Stack Stops
  • Case or Stack Dividers
  • Case or Stack Combiners
  • Dividing Case or Stack Pushers
  • Truck-Loading Stack Pushers
  • Loop Inverters
  • Helix Case Twists
  • “S” Ascenders/Descenders
  • Case or Stack Grouping Systems
  • Stack Sortation Systems
  • Case or Stack Doors
  • No-Load Accumulation Sections for Stack Conveyor
  • Case or Stack Elevators/Lowerators
  • Case Unstackers
  • Case Stackers
  • Automatic Casers
  • Stack Palletizers
  • Complete Integrated System Controls
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