Plastic Case Conveyor

At DCC, we are expert in handling returnable plastic shipping containers.  Having specialized in the dairy industry since our beginnings in 1954, we have unparalleled experience in handling plastic milk crates, empty or full, single or stacked.  Our standard conveyor designs are chosen based on the application.  For example, conveyors that are elevated to an overhead level or installed embedded in concrete floors are of a sealed pan design, while those at knee level are often of an open design in order to minimize dirt-catching surfaces.  The typical conveying mediums are steel or plastic drag chain and plastic coated cable.

     In addition to conveyors, DCC manufactures nearly every conceivable complementary component required for automating plastic case production lines.  This web site contains individual tabs dedicated to the major equipment items that we offer.  There is also a long list of offerings such as combiners, dividers, groupers, no-load accumulators, loop inverters, pushers, etc. that we furnish to provide complete plastic case handling systems.

On every project a member of our sales staff will visit your facility , determine your requirements, gather all the pertinent information on the project site and then provide drawings showing our proposed solution.  Typical projects could be upgrading an empty case distribution system, adding a production line or modifying the order picking system in the cold storage warehouse to improve efficiency.

     In the dairy industry we have earned a reputation for furnishing the most robust and reliable conveyor systems designed by the most experienced sales and engineering staff and installed by the best crews in the industry. The quality and experience of our staff has made our team the far and away leader in this field.

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