The DCC Top-Out Case Unstacker receives cases stacked at heights of up to seven high, then lifts, unstacks, and inverts the cases, delivering them to an overhead case conveyor at up to 70 cases per minute. The Top-Out Unstacker is a rugged, hydraulically operated machine designed to work in the harshest environments and is PLC controlled to ensure dependable, trouble-free performance. Its design will provide you with years of unmatched reliability with minimum preventive maintenance.




      The DCC Top-Out Case Unstacker can handle all dairy case sizes in any orientation and can be constructed with straight through flow design, counter flow design, or even our pusher infeed design. The lift tower section of the Unstacker can also be extended in order to discharge at any height. The Top-Out Unstacker has optional stainless steel construction, optional powered discharge section, and even an optional DCC Automatic Case Repositioner, all to meet any of your unique case conveying needs.