Whether your need is to move containers or packages, empty or full, DCC tabletop conveyors will do the job efficiently and reliably.  Our tabletop conveyors are made exclusively from stainless steel so they are suitable for wash-down environments and can be outfitted with a variety of grades of components to satisfy your sanitary requirements.  Once our engineers evaluate the products being conveyed and the required throughput, we will recommend the appropriate chain and guide rail system for a smooth and dependable operation, as well as any special requirements such as drip pans, dust hoods or complete conveyor enclosures.

     Our highly experienced sales staff and application engineers will also review your entire production line so we can offer a complete conveying solution.  We will design the line for the particular site conditions and include all the required automation components manufactured by DCC such as combiners, dividers, line pressure controls, etc.  We will also make recommendations for product accumulation to insure that the line is capable of maximum productivity.

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     The vast majority of our projects are installed by our expert installation crews who will ensure that your conveyors are installed properly and operate to your complete satisfaction.

     If you require a turn-key solution, our team is willing and capable of providing you with one-source responsibility for the production line from the discharge of the filling machine up to and including palletizing and wrapping.  We can furnish and integrate packaging equipment from third party vendors as well as motor starter panels and line control systems.