When your need is to move your P7170002corrugated packages, empty or full, small or large, DCC can design and install a system to solve your most challenging conveying problems.  Since 1954 we have earned a reputation for creating efficient handling systems for corrugated packages commonly used for fluid milk, cultured products, and ice cream plants.  We have also found unique solutions to convey a variety of other products, which include citrus products, bottled water, still beverages, and even soft drink post-mix.

     DCC’s package conveyor is manufactured exclusively of stainless steel and utilizes a large array of conveying mediums, including table-top chains, mat-top chains, plastic coated cable, gravity rollers, and belting.  A variety of standard and custom made components, of unmatched dependability, are also a part of our arsenal to assemble a system that will meet your most demanding challenges.

DCC also has a variety of add-ons to complement your package conveyor in order to better meet your unique conveying needs.  These add-ons include:

  • Adjustable rail systems
  • Automatic stops
  • Automatic pushers
  • Package elevators
  • Box chutes
  • Complete integrated system controls