Powered Roller Conveyor

Dairy Conveyor's powered roller conveyor systems are typically used to convey empty or full pallets short distances. Many times in large facilities customers will use this type of conveyor to create an accumulation line between the palletizer and the loading dock doors. This allows for full pallets to be accumulated along the powered roller conveyor line before being moved into the trucks at the loading docks. That way if the palletizer or anything else upstream has to be stopped, the fork trucks loading pallets at the loading dock never have to. By insuring this, the peak efficiency for the plant can still be maintained, even in the event of disruptions upstream.  

All powered roller conveyor is high quality stainless steel construction, and equipped with our top of the line chain, motors, and bearings. Since most often these conveyors will be carrying the heaviest loads in a facility we’ve designed them to sustain incredible weights, and equipped them with heavy duty power units to move your pallets safely and smoothly.

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